Conveyor Systems

Bespoke Conveyor System

With our extensive knowledge and over
25 years of experience providing tailored
solutions for the food, beverage and
Pharmaceutical industries, we strive
to provide bespoke conveyor system
solutions to meet any customer’s needs.

Working from our state-of the art
facilities, our engineering team paves
the way with cutting edge solutions for
our customers to ensure we uphold
excellence within our services, products,
technology and skills.

Currently we have two facilities which
can service the UK and EU markets,
Banbridge & King’s Lynn. Our Banbridge
facility, known as ENE Limited, specialises in
providing tailor made solutions for the
food, beverage and pharmaceutical
industries. Our King’s Lynn facility, known
as Ambit Engineering Projects Limited,
specialises in the manufacturing of bespoke
conveyor solutions for the food processing
industry and in particular fruit and vegetable