Gates TPU






ENE Limited supplying Solid PU belting throughout Ireland and Europe.

PosiClean®Easy to clean urethane food processing belt

  • Sealed tension members
  • Drive teeth across the full belt width
  • Belt can be cleaned-in-place
  • Tension members eliminate belt stretch, a common cause of belt failure in long length application


CenterClean™ belts are constructed with flexible urethane and sealed Kevlar®tension members.

  • Belt can be run on small diameter pulley with minimal belt stretch.
  • Designed for the processing applications requiring synchronous motion.
  • Tooth profile helps to maintain pulley grooves free of debris
  • Easily handles high acceleration and deceleration rates


FlatClean™ is a USDA approved, all-purpose polyurethane flat belt reinforced with Kevlar­® tensile members.

  • Non-fraying polyurethane jacket material
  • Sealed tensile members minimizes belt stretch
  • Reduces retensioning and extends belt life
  • Well suited for standard to high loads or any cleated belts