Roller Slip Conveyor System

The Roller Slip Conveyor System, designed to allow trays to collect in one area and line up ready for the next process.  A high performance Conveyor System, custom designed for individual work areas.  The Roller Slip Conveyor can be a stand alone system or situated in the middle and/or end of the conveying process.

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  • DOLAV LIFTER/TIPPER CONVEYOR SYSTEM First of all the large stainless steel hopper is loaded up from the side of the conveyor, tipped onto the main conveyor at timed intervals.
  • END OF LINE CONVEYOR SYSTEM Maximise space and cost saving using modular roller-top and transverse roller-top belt, product moved onto next conveyor.
  • GENERAL CONVEYOR SYSTEM Taking the manual handling out of moving product from A to B. General Conveyor systems UK allow motorised and efficient distribution of materials.
  • PACKING CONVEYOR SYSTEM Adjustable working height through to dividing product after packing completed. Let us design an unique system for you.
  • POT SEALER CONVEYOR SYSTEM The pots move along the conveyor line, making sure each pot is sealed. The pots collect at the end by a Lazy Susan.
  • PRIMAL SAW CONVEYOR SYSTEM Large joints feed into the saw and cut into programmed sized cuts. All primal saws have safety guards for the well being and safety of your workforce.
  • ROLLER SLIP CONVEYOR SYSTEM Cost effectiveness as requires no power. Placement of the conveyor is the completed installation. Saving on timely installation costs. Minimal maintenance required.
  • 3 LINE PACKING CONVEYOR SYSTEM the management of packing materials, set on 3 levels conveniently moved to one area for the operator to pack. The conveyor brings the product and packaging to the allocated area.
  • SWAN NECK CONVEYOR SYSTEM Need to bring boxes or product from ground level to the next floor? Swan neck conveyors are efficient, bringing product to higher level.
  • BONING LINE CONVEYOR SYSTEM Single or twin belt system available making short work of cutting and dividing joints within division of labour work stations.